When you think of great shows that you watched as a kid in the 90’s, Sailor Moon is probably one of them. It was funny, engaging, and exciting. And it’s still popular today. This was one of the first popular animes that showed true girl power and that female characters can be just as strong as males. Any girl who has ever saw it wants to be one of the Sailor Scouts and own a cute, talking cat. Don’t lie, we know and were right there with you. Fighting evil with magic while wearing cute outfits sounds like a pretty awesome life.

Unfortunately, that will never happen. But at least there are a lot of cool collectibles out there to make up for it. Like the new additions to the Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet sets. If you have never heard of this line it is a collection of magical items from Sailor Moon that are also candy holders. Yup, that’s right! You get a really pretty collectible plus candy, it doesn’t get much better than that.

The newest additions include three of the wands featured in the show: the Moonstick, Cute Moon Rod, and Disguise Pen. They are all a metallic pink color and are decorated with pretty jewels and rhinestones to make them look like the real deal. And they a mini size which makes them even cuter. Cause we all know that anything that is mini sized is cuter! Each wand comes with 2 grams of peach flavoured mints. Not nearly enough, right? But it’s okay, you can just replace them with more candy of similar size once the peach ones are gone.

These sets are really fun and cute. All the the collectibles look so much like they do in the show. They don’t look cheap at all but very well made and luxurious. Which one is your favorite?