Casio G-Shock watches are known for their rugged durability, but now there’s one that also boasts luxury details. The iconic DW-5600 model has been enriched with Hender Scheme’s premium leather.

The digital watch is designed with a hand-sewn, vegetable-tanned leather band, giving it a minimalist look that goes with any style of clothing. It also suits any age, young and old. The design reflects the ethos of Hender Scheme leathers, which weather and age with use and over time, through a process called ‘pit tanning’. The watch also includes an interchangeable, standard resin band.

This digital watch features a shock-resistant structure and water resistance up to 20 meters, so is safe to use while swimming. Other functions include a stopwatch, multi-function alarm, full automatic calendar, and 12/24 hour display switching which is very handy. It has an EL blue-green backlight with afterglow function that displays Hender Scheme’s brand logo. It also has a reporting flash function (alarm/hourly report/timer interlocked light emission).

The overall design is simple but very catchy to the eye, hitting on the trend of stylish, minimalist watches. Only limited numbers have been produced, so be sure to pick yours up before they’re gone. For other interesting G-Shock collaborations click here.