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Get a Surgery-Free Facelift with Yaman’s Medi Lift Mask

Japanese manufacturer Yaman is known for its unconventional but very popular beauty-related devices, and its latest gadget is the latest in a long line of such products. The Medi Lift mask may look like something Hannibal Lecter might wear, but in fact it...

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Wasabi Flavored Rice Crackers Make a Delicious Spicy Snack

Kameda is the most popular maker of small, seed-shaped spiced rice crackers in Japan. This iconic snack food is usually paired with peanuts and is often available in different flavors, including some limited-edition ones. But one of the standard flavors is...

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Japan-Exclusive Diesel Bags for Spring, Featuring Amiaya

The cherry blossoms are in bloom and the office workers are wearing their beige trench coats, which means one thing in Japan: spring has arrived! Here you can create the content that will be used within the module. To complement your new season wardrobe,...

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Clear Kewpie Figures are the Must Have for your Collection

Kewpie dolls have been popular in the United States and Europe since the early 1900s, but today they are also known as the face of Kewpie mayonnaise in Japan, where the iconic character is a staple in every household.    Now, Beams Japan has commissioned...

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Beams Japan Selects Top Local Products

Just a couple of years ago, one of the most popular Japanese retailers, Beams, opened a new concept store in Tokyo, catered to shoppers from all over the world. Beams Japan carries items from Beams’s own private labels, but also curates a wide variety of...

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Japanese Shirt Inflator Does Your Ironing for You

If you’re one of the many people around the world who hates ironing, a Japanese company has come up with a solution for you. This device comes with two components: a fan motor and a torso-shaped, ballon-like form that inflates inside your shirts in order...

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Sushi Zushi Jushi Jenga Game

Ever since the 1980s, Jenga has been one of the world's most popular games of skill, and a staple in many households. It has spurred a number of variants, including giant versions that are popular outdoor games. No, a Japanese company has started marketing...

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Brighten Up Your Day with a Takashi Murakami Phone Case

It’s hard to look at some of Takashi Murakami’s artworks and not feel a sense of happiness. The bright colors and cute cartoon faces of his signature daisies are sure to lift just about any bad mood. And now, thanks to a series of iPhone cases released by...

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Spice Up Your Run with Nike’s Tokyo Exclusives

Nike has just released its latest collection of Japan-exclusive designs, perfect for injecting some extra style into your workouts. Designed with runners in mind, there are t-shirts, shorts, pants, long sleeves, tights and a windbreaker. Each style bears a...

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