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Brighten Up Your Day with a Takashi Murakami Phone Case

It’s hard to look at some of Takashi Murakami’s artworks and not feel a sense of happiness. The bright colors and cute cartoon faces of his signature daisies are sure to lift just about any bad mood. And now, thanks to a series of iPhone cases released by...

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Spice Up Your Run with Nike’s Tokyo Exclusives

Nike has just released its latest collection of Japan-exclusive designs, perfect for injecting some extra style into your workouts. Designed with runners in mind, there are t-shirts, shorts, pants, long sleeves, tights and a windbreaker. Each style bears a...

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Treat Your Skin with Hana Organic

Many skincare and makeup products contain chemicals that may end up doing more harm than good in the long run, but Hana Organic offers beauty junkies an alternative that is gentle on both the skin and the environment. Japan’s most popular organic cosmetic...

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BAPE’s Shark Sweatpants are Not Your Average Joggers

Japanese streetwear brand BAPE made waves when it first released its shark full-zip hoodie many years ago, and ever since then the motif has become iconic of the label. Now the same shark print appears on these soft sweatpants in a most unusual location....

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A Traditional Japanese Take on the Yoga Mat

As yoga continues to gain in popularity all over the world, there are literally thousands of yoga mats for practitioners to choose from. But the most unique ones we’ve seen so far are the tatami yoga mats from Japanese company Ikehiko. Made from the...

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Japanese Grand Prix motorcycle road racer Shinya Nakano has again leant his design talents to helmet maker 56Design. Nakano is known for his easily recognizable helmets with cartoon-like eyes on the front. This time he created two renditions. One has...

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Jun Watanabe x Tamiya Streetwear

New collaborations are announced seemingly every day in fashion, but this is an unusual one. Jun Watanabe designed a series of streetwear with Japanese plastic model and remote controlled car maker Tamiya. Featuring a bold motif of two stars inside solid...

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Panasonic’s Deodorizer Keeps Your Shoes Fresh

Panasonic released its MS-DS100 shoe deodorizer in the Japanese market recently, offering a high-tech way to say goodbye to unpleasant odors caused by sweat and bacteria. The device uses Panasonic’s original Nanoe X technology, which produces ion particles...

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Try on Different Identities with Japanese Sheet Masks

For years Japanese sheet masks have been renowned for their skin conditioning and moisturizing properties, but thanks to one enterprising company they are now much more than that, too. Isshindo has released a wide variety of award-winning masks in fun and...

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