Introduced last year by Sanrio—the company behind such iconic characters as Hello Kitty and My Melody—Gudetama was a hit in Japan from the start. And ever since his appearance at San Diego’s Comic Con this year, Gudetama’s popularity has reached beyond Japan to an international level. 

Gudetama is the picture of angst, which may be why people find him so relatable. He’s a yellow egg yolk that is the embodiment of severe depression, clinging to his shell for security and never able to face the world beyond. 

As with all of Japan’s most popular mascots, Gudetama has an extensive line of merchandise available for purchase. There are relatively pedestrian items such as pens and notepads, and some more imaginative ones like pen cases in the shape of a mayonnaise bottle or omelette. More imaginative products include erasers shaped like sushi rolls with Gudetama in the center, egg shaped paper clips, and an organizer box that looks just like a tiny fridge. Sanrio’s products are available only in the Japanese market, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered!

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