After a long day at work or school, it is sometimes hard to unwind and relax. Your mind is stimulated and it is difficult to shut off. Some people will watch TV, read a book, or take baths to relax but there is another thing you can do as well. There is a product called MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask that will work wonders for that active mind.

This eye mask is designed to work like a steam bath, which as many of you probably know, are very relaxing. It looks like a sleeping mask so it covers your entire eye area and has ear straps to keep it from sliding off your face.

It heats up to a comfortable 40ºC for the span of about 10 minutes. It also releases a gentle steam that moisturizes your eye area. So, it is not only relaxing but it will help prevent wrinkles and reduce dry, puffy eyes as well. Bonus!

And it is really easy to use. All you have to do is open the pouch and remove the mask. Once removed, the mask will automatically start warming up. Then you just tear the mask at the perforation and place it on your eyes, making sure to wrap the ear straps around your ears. And that’s it, all that’s left for you to do is relax. This mask is great to use on a plane, during breaks at work or school, and before bed so you get a great nights sleep.

This product sounds great, right? Well, it gets better! You can also get the MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask with 5 different scents; they come in a lavender-sage scent, chamomile-ginger scent, fresh rose scent, and yuzu scent. There is a fresh mint scent too which contains menthol that gives your eyes a cooling sensation as well as the warmth of the steam and lasts a little while after the mask is removed to keep your mind feeling relaxed. Both the regular and scented mask come in pack of 5 or 14.

These will be great for anyone who is having a stressful day. You can even break up a pack up and keep some at home and some at the office or in your backpack. They are so simple to use and will relax you quickly, which is something we all need sometimes.