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Beauty & Youth United Arrows has been selling Oakley Frogskins sunglasses in its stores for several years, but now for the first time, the two companies have collaborated on a series of original, limited-edition frames. Two versions are available: an original smokey brown tortoiseshell frame with clear lenses, and a translucent amber frame with emerald iridium lenses. Both come with a Beauty & Youth branded microfiber bag and feature the Oakley logo in matte gold on the stems, as well as the Beauty & Youth logo in white on the inside of the stem.  Click here to buy...

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Last Chance: Adidas Originals Tobacco by United Arrows

Last year, United Arrows released an exclusive update of the popular Adidas Originals Tobacco style, and it flew off the shelves. The all-navy shoe features a suede upper with tonal laces and sole. The style has been sold out for months, but now just a few pairs have become available in limited sizes. If you missed out during the first round, now’s your chance! Click here to buy...

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Explore the Wilderness in Style  

  And Wander is a store that sells outdoor wear and gear. Anything you need for a mountain hike or outdoor adventure can be found here. The brand was launched  in 2011 by designers Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori and has been successful ever since. That’s because this brand does not sell regular, boring outer wear, their clothes have influences from Paris fashion brands which make their clothes different. If you are looking for a functional yet stylish outfit to wear on that big hike you’re planning, you need to check out this brand. It’s what they do and...

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Tissot and World Order Collaboration  

To promote the release of their new watch, Tissot worked with Toyko’s dance performance unit World Order to create a cool video. The collaboration was filmed in Japan’s first Tissot boutique, Tissot Boutique Shinsaibashi and promoted the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar NBA special edition watch. They show off a few of their other models as well as their beautiful new store. In the video the dance unit display the watch in a really fun and cool way. In their normal businessman attire, the parody group dance to their catchy song while showing off the watch. A lot of their...

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Create for Joy

When it comes to making clothes, quicker and more efficient techniques are normally used to give quantity over quality. But that is not the case with the clothing brand visvim. This Tokyo based brand uses traditional techniques and modern technology to create their footwear and clothing. Visvim was created in 2000 by the designer Hiroki Nakamura and it’s purpose is quite beautiful, to find joy through creation. A goal that every artist and creator has. In the 17 years since it began, the brand has found it’s way around the world in department stores and boutiques. You can also...

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