If you thought that cats couldn’t get any cuter, you are very wrong. There is a trend that is taking Japan by storm that revolves entirely around those cute, little furballs. You would do anything for your cat. You feed it, clean up after it, love it; so why not keep it warm and fashionable with a  “Neko Muffler” or “Cat Scarf”.

Made by the Japanese company Col, these red and navy acrylic yarn scarves will provide your feline friend with warmth and comfort. Plus, they will look adorable. The scarves come in two sizes: a medium for cats from 6 months to 2 years and large for cats older than 2. So it should be easy to get one that fits your cat perfectly.

The color scheme is going to look great on any fur tone. Red and navy are classic colors that look great together, especially in this cute knit design. And the gold plate with the company name is a nice little touch that makes the scarf look even more special.

Now, we all know that cats can be fussy when it comes to having something around their neck. But the cat scarf’s acrylic yarn is light weight and has soft elasticity so they shouldn’t even feel it.

The Neko Muffler comes in really cute packaging. It feels like a real designer piece. The scarf comes in a white box with a pretty, black frame design around the edges. The company logo is in the center with three little cats peaking out around the letters. It will feel like you’re giving your cat a special gift.

It is so hard to resist buying cute things like this for our cats. We love them and they just look so adorable in clothes and little cat accessories. Col also carries a wide range of neckties and jewellery for cats as well. For more information just contact us to customersupport@japangoodsfinder.com