The company that created the first G-Shock watch has come out with another design and this time it is a little more edgy feel. Casio has released the Studs Dial Series which features a studded dial face and geometric hour markers. It is a part of their Baby-G line which is a line of watches for active women. This series has all of the features found in Baby-G watches. So you still get the shock and water resistance that is useful for anyone who is working out or training. These watches also give you three different clock options on the one screen which is really useful when travelling. You get your home time on the main dial. In the bottom of the screen there is a world clock which gives you the ability to set the time from 48 different cities. And the third section is a calendar that displays the month and day. And they have the regular work out and training functions, so a stopwatch and countdown timer. The stopwatch has three modes: elapsed time, split time, and 1st-2nd place times. And the countdown timer has a range of 1 to 60 minutes. Other than that they have the standard resin band, LED backlight with afterglow, daily alarm, hourly time signal, and an approximate battery life of two years. There, now that the technical stuff is out of the way let’s get into the fun stuff. The Studs Dials series currently consists of six watches. They all of the same design but come in different color options. When the series was first released there were only three colors available, monotone white, black, and grey, all with a glossy finish. But they released three more colors this past February. So now you can get a monotone red with glossy finish as well as in black or white with a gold face. These watches combine style and functionality perfectly. If you are a women who works out and travels a lot you should definitely check these out.  Click here to buy now