When it comes to making super cute, girly clothes Japanese brand MILK does it right. They were one of the first stores in Harajuku, one of Tokyo’s most popular fashion districts, in 1970 and have been building up ever since. Now there are four more shops within Japan and an online store.

But it comes as no surprise that MILK is doing as well as it is. It was one of the first to offer casual Gothic Lolita style clothing that is also heavily inspired by 1960 and 70’s. Taking details like ruffles and bows from the Lolita style with shapes and patterns popular in the 60’s and 70’s. The combination of these two styles is what makes their pieces so unique and fun to wear.

And the Winter 2016 collection was no exception. This collection was not as colorful as what we have seen from MILK in the past. The pretty pastels were replaced with black, white, and dark grays with hints of reds, pinks, and blues. But the details and shapes are still what you would expect from them. The collection has the lace, ruffles, ribbons, and bold patterns that make their clothes stand out.

Although the collection has a lot of retro details, it also follows some of the modern trends seen last fall and winter. Their use of wool, furs, and velvet shows the MILK can have their signature style but still keep up with the rest of the fashion world as well.

Of course the collection would not be complete without some really fun pieces. This one has quite a few. I have to mention the Allendale dress and parka. They are so seasonal and fun! The dress is an icy blue color with white snow flakes and pale blue, three quarter length sheer sleeves. My favorite fun pieces in the collection are bold and girly patterned pieces in the Suzie’s Room Series. The one piece and hoodie are really cute.

Oh! Did I mention that they also have accessories like heart shaped purses and flower hats. They are adorable! Overall I really love this brand. They have so many really fun and girly pieces that are unlike anything I’ve seen from other brands.

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