Starting out as a series of children’s picture books in the 1970’s, Anpanman has taken over Japan. Anpanman is a superhero with the bean-jam pastry for a head and kids love him. Since the release of the books, an anime series has been made which is the most popular series among young children in Japan. So it comes as no surprise that there is so much Anpanman children’s merchandise out there. Especially toys! From plushies, to block sets, and computers; Anpanman and other Anpanman characters are everywhere. Your kids will have a blast with all the toys found here. And with toys for all age groups, you will not have to look anywhere else for the perfect one. Older children will love being able to recreate their favorite scenes from the books and anime with the plushies and block sets. And younger ones can learn motor skills while playing with toys like the Anpanman Big Greedy Box and Anpanman Outing Melody Handle.