Japanese manufacturer Yaman is known for its unconventional but very popular beauty-related devices, and its latest gadget is the latest in a long line of such products. The Medi Lift mask may look like something Hannibal Lecter might wear, but in fact it promises to lift and tighten the skin of your face in just ten minutes a day.

The Medi Lift device uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the muscles of the face, lifting the corners of the mouth, the cheeks and the jawline. With regular use, the company says it provides similar results to a facelift, without the necessity of going under the knife. And since it can be used while reading, watching TV, exercising, or simply relaxing, it is easy to fit into your daily routine.
Medi Lift consists of a silicone mask and a controller, and can be charged using the included USB cable or AC adapter. It is made for the Japanese market, so will need an adapter to be used in some other countries.