Every little girl dreams of being a Disney Princess. The beautiful dresses and castles and love stories, it’s hard not to want that life. Well now you can be a little bit closer to your dream with the IT’S DEMO Disney Princess Collection. The collection has a line of makeup that will give you that princess look. They have everything you need from mascara, to lipstick and hair oil. You can get a perfect wing with the Rare Nani Eyeliner and pretty red lips the Opera Lip Tint. And no look would be complete without the gorgeous voluminous lashes that you will get with the Dejavu painted eyelashes. And to make it even better, all the packaging is super cute! They have pretty illustrations of the Disney Princesses with cute flowers on all the products. The packaging has a color scheme of pinks, blues, and gold which looks pretty and girly. If you don’t have anywhere to put your new makeup, don’t worry. This collection has a boat pouch that would be perfect. You can choose between Princess Aurora or Bell for the design of the bag and they both come with pretty lace detail and tassels on the zippers. But that’s not all this collection has to offer. It has a number of different sizes of towels, mirrors, bags, IPhone cases, and even a 500ml tumbler. All with the option of a pink Aurora or yellow Bell design. This collection is really nice and would be great for all of the Disney fans out there who love makeup and collectibles. The makeup looks beautiful and the different shades of the lip tint are all gorgeous. We love that you have two options for the design for the rest of the collection and that both are so pretty. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!